John Barrow (D) and Brad Raffensperger (R)

On December 4th, We Can
FIX What's Broken!

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The Secretary of State is Georgia’s chief elections officer with tremendous power over our sacred, constitutional right to vote. He can:

  • Wrongfully purge citizens from the voter rolls

  • Force voters to stand in long lines to cast their ballots

  • Force voters to use faulty voter machines

  • Close polling places

    – OR –

  • Encourage more people to register to vote

  • Provide resources to shorten voting lines

  • Ensure that all counties have reliable and accurate voting equipment

  • Open convenient, accessible polling locations for every voter

Under former Secretary of State Brian Kemp, 670,000 people were removed from the voter rolls last year.

What kind of Secretary of State will WE choose on December 4th?