Voices of Smart Justice

The ACLU of Georgia presented its original video series "Voices of Smart Justice" on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, to elevate the voices of three ordinary Georgia citizens swept up in the state’s broken criminal justice system, the devastating consequences to their families, and the necessity of electing candidates in 2018 who support real reform.


Dorothy Adams, a 71 year-old African American woman, was arrested for stealing a $6.99 can of Planters peanuts, given a $1,000 bond, and put in jail for 15 days until Black Mamas Bail Out put up the money to bail her out of jail. Listen to her story.


For the first time since his vindication, Burrell Ellis will speak publicly about his ordeal with being maliciously and wrongfully prosecuted on trumped up charges.


Kate Boccia clearly remembers the night received the call that their child had been arrested. Suddenly, this suburban mother found herself among the growing millions of American families with children behind bars.